Chef'sChoice® SteelPro® #475:
For those who prefer a steeled edge, EdgeCraft introduces the easy-to-use Chef’sChoice® Commercial SteelPro® 475, a revolutionary heavy duty, rugged cast metal unit geared towards the commercial food industry. The Commercial SteelPro® features super-hardened miniature steels and highly precise angle guides that deliver an edge far superior to conventional manually steeled edges.

Its super-hardened, non-abrasive miniature steels develop uniform ultra-sharp microscopic serrations along the entire edge of the blade. Steeling consistently at a precise angle, the SteelPro® does not round off the knife edge as conventional steels do; rather it maintains the original sharp edge geometry and creates uniform microscopic serrations that work together for a better cutting edge. Steeling with the Commercial SteelPro® creates a uniform microstructure that cuts better and more evenly because the “angle of attack” on the knife edge is always in the same direction. By distributing the cutting load across all the uniform micro serrations, the edge needs steeling/and or resharpening less often, thereby extending the life of the knife. Also available, the economical M470 SteelPro® with plastic housing. Engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

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